How can I find my target audience?

Finding your target audience is one the key factors that play a role in establishing a business, or a product. You can have the world’s first sky port allowing electric aircrafts, a floating charging station, but the target audience for this, will most definitely not be electric car drivers, rather it’ll be people with aviation licenses.

It’s not just about finding a target audience, it’s about first being in the audience.

If you can’t be in the audience for your own product, how would you expect people to want something, that you wouldn’t want yourself?

Before finding a target audience, you’ve got to first define your product, and ask yourself why you’d want something like it. You’re your own expert in this niche, and you need to define your product prior to defining your target audience.

When you define a product, you’re automatically defining it’s reason for existence.

This “reason for existence” is a keyword to finding the buyer.

Here’s an example: You sell coffee, because people love coffee. The general public loves coffee.

Now, would opening a coffee house in the midst of a jungle, bring you customers? I’m pretty sure it would. At least if you’re targeting monkeys. They’ll love you for it.

Although you have a product, there’s always the place and time where every product needs to thrive.

Once you define your “reason for existence”, you’re practically half-way to landing a sale.

Launch a coffee house in an upmarket trendy zone, you’re going to have customers wanting to “hang out”. To hang out, would then become part of the reason for existence. It’s not just your coffee.

This is your target audience.

Quora, Google Trends, Twitter hashtag #channels, all these internet hubs are places where you find your niche market.

Quora helps you find your target audience by finding topics that people are interested in. By finding topics that relate to your product, you’ll find yourself defining the “reason for existence”.

Here’s how you need to go about doing that…

Let’s say that you’re in the fashion wearables industry, and you’ve invented some crazy looking bracelet, that projects the screen on your arm (Cicret).

At this point, Cicret’s target audience is just not everybody. But for whom? Off-hand we can easily say that the Cicret’s bracelet is meant for the cool tech crowd. It’s meant for people who want to try out new things. It’s meant for iPhone users who are young, who’ve got cash to splash. It’s meant for Google Glass users. It’s meant for the drone crowd.

To put this into perspective, Cicret’s target audience, is Marques Brownlee’s target audience.

With Quora, Twitter, Google Trends, all you need to do is put in the very keywords with regards to the reason of existence.

In the search box, enter “Latest Technology” for example. And you’re met with people who are roughly your target audience.

Another example would be a company doing house renovations. By easily entering in the keywords: “Home Renovation” you’re bound to find your target audience, and find it even by people density in a particular region!

And similarly Twitter, and every other social website.

Defining your reason for existence goes a long way, but finding similar trends, competing brands, or even your business’ next stepping stone is also important.

But what can you do after finding your target audience? Engineer awareness of course! But that, is a topic for another day!

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