How do I build a website like Facebook?

When people find out that I run a web agency, I sometimes have to explain to them what exactly the agency does.

So I tell them, “you know Facebook? We build websites like that.”, and that’s the ‘aha’ moment for them.

And sometimes comes the question from a young and aspiring audience, “How do I create a website like Facebook?”

People love when they see the stars in an industry of their choice, and set their goals high to be like them.

To you, I have to say, good job! You always need to start small, while having the bigger picture in mind.

You’ve set your goal, “build a website like Facebook”, now’s the next step up the ladder.

To give you a brief overview of the technical side of Facebook, it’s layout is built using HTML and CSS. The basic components of any standard website.

Next comes PHP that’s used to ‘code’ the website, and make it do stuff. One example would be:


if ($Person == “Programmer”) { echo “Hello World!”; }


And then comes databases, we’ll refer to that as MySQL, or MariaDB, to keep things simple.

So HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL. Those are the four components that you need to build a website like Facebook.

*You don’t need this, but here’s an advanced look into some technologies Facebook utilises:

HTML is for structuring the page, creating the skeleton, setting the foundation, establishing the pillars. HTML is a very simple, very easy, very simple (I said that already didn’t I?), repetitive, and extremely basic component.

CSS is just for adding colour, asking the HTML components to move to the right, or left, similar to HTML, this is a basic component that you can grasp within a day.

PHP is the language that you’ll use to do the actual coding, to connect with the database server, to do cool stuff.

MySQL, is through which you’ll view the entire database, make changes, etc.. So PHP tells MySQL to grab certain types of data from a particular database, and once PHP receives it, it throws it out on the screen, well padded with HTML and CSS to make it look nice to the user.

That’s it.

What should you do now? Learn it.

Learn HTML, learn CSS, PHP, and MySQL. Once you get a grasp of all of that, get into Javascript.

Javascript is NOT a vital component to an aspiring web developer, but when the time is right, you’ll want to learn it. Not difficult at all.

So build a website like Facebook, learn HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL queries. That’s about it.

And to every aspiring developer, here’s where I point them to:

Do hit me up for more advice at Although quite simply a web agency, we also recruit interns and allow them to grow by giving them a substantial foundation in Web Development, Sales, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and a range of other industries.

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